Transport Guidance if you are aged 16-18 (or 19-25 with an Educational Health Care Plan)

The Cornwall College Group offers and extensive transport network so that you can easily travel to and from college. We work in partnership with Cornwall Council and local bus companies to provide reliable, efficient travel. Our transport service will operate Monday to Friday, during term time only.

Please read our Student Transport FAQ where we should be able to provide answers to your questions.

Apply for your College Bus Pass

Click here to Apply for your College Bus Pass

Please note that bus routes and times may be subject to change and you should always refer to your travel pass, once it arrives, for the most up to date information.

What is the cost of a college bus pass?
Travel passes for 2023/24 are now available and cost £600 which can be paid in termly instalments. You must live more than 3 miles away from your chosen campus to qualify for college transport. Most learners may be eligible for financial support (if your household income is £70,000 or below) towards the cost of a bus pass through the college bursary. You can find out more about the bursaries that we have on offer by clicking here

Bus passes must be paid in advance; either direct to Cornwall Council, Cornwall College or through the Bursary Fund. To keep our learners safe, we operate a no pass, no travel policy.

How can I pay for my bus pass?
If your household income is below £70,000 per year then the College Bursary can help you pay for your bus pass. To apply for a bursary please click here    ‘Apply for a Bursary Today

If your household income is below £35,000 per year then our College Bursary will pay the full cost of your bus pass, once you have applied and been assessed as eligible.

If your household income is greater than £35,000 per year, then you have two options:

  1. If your bus pass is issued through Cornwall Council you can pay for your bus pass by credit / debit card, by clicking on the link in the confirmation of travel email, that you will receive from their Travel Eligibility department.
  2. If your bus pass is issued through the Cornwall College Group, you can book and pay for your seat by credit or debit card by using our online shop or by calling 0330 123 2523. Please note that your seat will not be confirmed until we have received your payment.

For those families whose income is £35,001 – £70,000 per year we will issue you with a 10% discount from the College Bursary in two instalments, one in January 2024 and the second in April 2024.

Apprentices will not be eligible for financial support towards travel and will need to pay for their travel. It is worth exploring the new Travel for Cornwall Scheme where you can purchase daily, weekly or monthly bus passes. Find out more here  Transport for Cornwall | Buses, trains, public transport information. Alternatively, you can travel on a college bus and self-fund the cost. Costs will vary dependent on the transport provider.

Some of our learners may require a taxi service into college due to their individual needs. If this relates to you or your child and you live in Cornwall you need to make an application to Cornwall Council as early as possible. Learners applying for a taxi will need to provide evidence from an independent practioner, detailing why a taxi is required, rather than a college bus. You can apply by clicking the following link from 1st June 2023  Apply for post 16 transport – Cornwall Council

If you live in Devon, please contact your Local Authority who will be able to help you.